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The Founder's Story

When drive and passion connect, results are inevitable. The relationship between hairstylist and client often results in a bond that is not easily broken. For Atlanta hairstylist Tamika Day and her client, Nakisha Purdiman, their bond of friendship has stood the test of time. Many years shared between them, and countless hours of shop talk would unearth a shared passion – a passion that would spark a business partnership fueled by trust, respect, and anchored in God’s divine timing.

Professional and vivacious black women, both Tamika and Nakisha love the versatility, ease of use, and flexibility that hair extensions provide. However, both experienced frustration when attempting to maintain the integrity of their extensions, as well as their clients, when using other brands. Many hair care products on the market today were developed in response to the natural hair movement and created for textured hair types and styles using ingredients that are not ideal for ensuring the longevity of wigs and extensions. This observation would spark an ‘aha moment’ for Tamika that inspired her to create a solution to maintain the look, feel, and investment of extensions, while replenishing and conditioning the hair and scalp. This idea would serve as the cornerstone of Tamika and Nakisha’s partnership and the catalyst for creating their product line, Results Beauty USA.

Tamika’s creativity and years of experience in the beauty industry, combined with the business-savvy and drive of Nakisha, make this duo the fierce face of a brand that is positioned to make a bold entrance into the beauty space. With the hair extension industry projected to reach a market value of $10 billion by 2023, Results Beauty USA is poised to become the brand of choice for women who desire the versatility of hair extensions and the products to protect their investments.

Tamika Day


Tenacious, talented, and visionary are just a few of many words that could be used to describe the force that is Tamika Day. For almost two decades, Tamika has been building a successful career and brand as a cosmetologist and salon owner. Her unwavering passion for her craft has solidified her as a sought-after industry leader and all-around champion for others looking for success in the beauty business. In 2012, she launched a teaching platform, Hair University, to help aspiring stylists become master stylists and successful business owners. A natural leader and problem solver, Tamika is committed to developing creative solutions to help fellow cosmetologists and clients thrive. A graduate of the University of West Georgia and Cambridge College, Tamika continues to draw from her education and gained business experience to grow as a successful entrepreneur. When she is not working, Tamika enjoys life as a wife, mom and proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


Nakisha Purdiman


From real estate rockstar to co-founder of an emerging beauty brand, Nakisha Purdiman is a business-savvy woman on a mission. Thriving in real estate for over 19 years, Nakisha has learned to effectively navigate the ebb and flow of entrepreneurship and is committed to diversifying her personal portfolio to build a legacy for her family. An HBCU graduate, Nakisha’s journey to business ownership began when the seeds of self-pride, determination and perseverance were instilled in her inside the walls of Clark Atlanta University. This experience coupled with her natural abilities as problem solver and critical thinker, make Nakisha the perfect strategic partner. A licensed cosmetologist as well, Nakisha has many talents and passions that align well with her beauty venture. She is a wife, mom, and dedicated community servant.

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