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Results Beauty USA is a beauty brand dedicated to creating products that support women who desire the versatility of hair extensions and wig styles without compromising the health and protection of their natural hair. Our products contain healthy, effective ingredients designed to extend the lifespan of hair extensions while adequately nourishing and cleansing the hair and scalp.


We are minority, female founders backed by over 20 years of success nurturing and protecting women’s hair. We know first-hand that hair care for women is an investment – an investment in self-care that extends beyond financial commitment, but one that builds confidence and supports how she chooses to show up in the world. Women take this investment seriously, and so do we and that’s why a portion of the proceeds from Results Beauty USA sales are invested back into underserved communities through education, scholarships, and grants to open doors for those interested in exploring careers in beauty.


At Results Beauty USA, we are inspired by the many options women have today to freely express themselves through their hair. For the women who choose to invest in hair extensions, we are unwavering in our support and in our mission to provide quality hair care products that produce better results.

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