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Results Beauty USA  products are designed with ingredients to maintain wigs & hair extensions. The products are specially formulated to increase lifespan of your investment. Quality hair care should never be a compromise. From the most popular looks and brands in hair care, to the deepest cleansers and latest treatments, we bring it all to you!  We are committed to being the only product you need to maintain your extensions, protective styles & wigs; while replenishing and cleansing the hair & scalp.

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Results Beauty USA

Wearing Hair Matters

Results Beauty USA,  products are designed with ingredients
to maintain wigs & hair extensions.

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Pure: Detangling Extension Shampoo. Revitalizes dry brittle processed hair. Results Extension Shampoo is formulated with an advanced system of surfactants and moisturizing humectants designed to supply extensions with gentle cleansing and superior conditioning. Results Extension Shampoo leaves the hair feeling refreshed and full of body. Conditioners detangle and smooth the cuticle for soft, silky, radiant hair.

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Ice: Scalp Therapy Anti Itch Shampoo. A truly unique, therapeutic formula designed to deep cleanse hair and scalp thoroughly, yetgently. Special soothing agents combine to relieve itchy, flaky, and dry scalps commonly associated with dandruff and Seborrhea Dermatitis. Feel a pleasant tingling sensation as you enjoy a rejuvenated scalp.

True: Weightless Conditioner. For incredible silkiness and shine add a small amount of conditioner.A unique weightless conditioner which detangles extensions instantly. Especially designed toimpart a non-oily silky feel with glossy sheen adding body and fullness. It eliminates frizz andgreat to use on all extensions.

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Flow: Instant Leave In Conditioner.  Protects hair from heat damage. It smoothes and detangles extensions on contact. Helps to eliminate static, increase manageability and provides shine.

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6BA54052-DCD9-4100-A06A-CD83419BA5E8 (2).jpeg

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